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  • 50 Sample Scenario PSI Real Estate Broker Exam Questions
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  • Videos with John Mayfield to Help You Prepare for the Brokers Exam
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Sample Broker Scenario Questions

Over 50 Sample Scenario Questions in the PSI Format

"Explore our comprehensive collection of over 50 sample scenario questions formatted in PSI style, meticulously designed to prepare aspiring real estate professionals for certification exams. These scenario-based questions emulate the challenging format of PSI (Psychological Services, Inc.) exam questions, offering real-world situations that test candidates' knowledge and critical thinking in the realm of real estate. Each question is crafted to simulate the complexity and diversity of scenarios one might encounter in the actual certification test, enabling test-takers to enhance their understanding, decision-making skills, and confidence in tackling various scenarios they might face in the field of real estate. Our sample questions serve as invaluable resources for exam preparation, ensuring candidates are well-equipped to excel in their certification journey."

Digital Flashcards

Study and Learn the Concepts From Your Mobile Phone


Empower your real estate certification preparation by accessing our comprehensive study materials and learning the core concepts directly from your mobile phone. Our platform is optimized for mobile devices, offering a convenient way to delve into essential real estate topics anytime, anywhere. Whether you're commuting, taking a break, or simply on-the-go, our mobile-friendly content ensures flexibility in your study schedule. Access course materials, sample questions, and concept reviews seamlessly from your smartphone or tablet. Study at your own pace, review crucial concepts, and tackle scenario-based questions designed to mirror the format of real certification exams. Make the most of your downtime by turning it into productive learning moments with our mobile-compatible resources, fostering a deeper understanding of real estate principles in preparation for your certification."

Interactive Videos

Learn with John Mayfield - Licensed Agent Since He Was 18 Years Old - 1978!

"Embark on your real estate certification journey with guidance from John Mayfield, an experienced and dedicated licensed agent since 1978 when he started his journey at the remarkable age of 18. Benefit from John's extensive expertise, gleaned from over four decades in the ever-evolving real estate industry. His wealth of experience, gained through numerous market fluctuations and industry transformations, serves as a cornerstone for your learning experience. With John's seasoned insights, practical knowledge, and unwavering commitment to the real estate profession, you'll gain valuable perspectives and nuanced understanding that only decades of hands-on practice can offer. Join John Mayfield on this educational expedition as he shares invaluable tips, strategies, and in-depth insights, preparing you thoroughly for success in your real estate certification endeavors."

"PSI Broker Exam: Your Ultimate Real Estate Broker Test Prep Companion"

Elevate your real estate career with our comprehensive PSI Broker Exam preparation package. Designed exclusively for aspiring real estate brokers, our all-in-one study resource equips you with the knowledge and confidence needed to ace your broker's licensing exam.

Key Features:

  • Real Estate Broker Scenario Questions: Dive deep into scenario-based questions that simulate real-world scenarios, ensuring you're well-prepared for the challenges you'll encounter in your career.
  • Video Explanations: Gain a deeper understanding of complex concepts through video explanations that break down key topics and provide step-by-step guidance.
  • Audio Resources: Reinforce your knowledge on the go with audio lessons that allow you to study anytime, anywhere, whether you're commuting or at the gym.
  • Digital Flash Cards: Master essential real estate terminology, concepts, and regulations with our digital flashcards, perfect for quick and effective revision.

Prepare with confidence, pass with flying colors, and embark on a successful journey as a licensed real estate broker. Join thousands of satisfied students who have trusted the PSI Broker Exam for their exam success.

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Meet John

John Mayfield received his real estate license in 1978 at the age of 18. John has been a practicing broker since 1981 and has owned and operated as many as three offices in Southeast Missouri during his real estate career. John has taught pre and post-license real estate courses since 1988. John has earned the ABR®, ABRM, CRB, CIPS, e-PRO®, GRI, RENE (Real Estate Negotiation Expert) Military, and SRS designations throughout his real estate tenure.

John is also a 2015 Graduate of REALTOR® University’s Master of Real Estate Program and recipient of the Capstone Award for his thesis paper. John has earned both REALTOR-Associate and REALTOR of the Year from his local board and received the 2014 Richard A. Mendenhall Leadership Award from Missouri REALTORS and the REBI Hall of Leaders Award in San Francisco, CA at the NAR Conference.

In 2020, John received the prestigious DREI (Distinguished Real Estate Instructor) from the Real Estate Educators Association.

John has spoken to thousands of real estate professionals in over 25 countries throughout his speaking career. He is the author of eight books and creator of the “5Minutes Series for Real Estate Agents,” Cengage Learning, with over 25,000 copies sold.

He is the co-author of “21 Mistakes Real Estate Brokers Make and How to Avoid Them,” Acclaim Press with Corky Hyatt.

John is also active on a local, state, and national level for the REALTORS® Association and served as the 2010 President of the CRB Council of Real Estate Brokers and Managers. John was the Liaison for the National Association of REALTORS® to Greece, Serbia, and Bulgaria and the Missouri REALTORS 2022 President.

John has two children, Alex and Anne. He and his wife Kerry live in Farmington, Missouri, where John owns and operates a virtual real estate firm, an online real estate school, Global Real Estate School, and speaks full-time around the U.S. and internationally.

John D. Mayfield, The Business Tech Guy